The impediment to action advances action.  What stands in the way becomes the way.  ~Marcus Aurelius

I have accepted the fact that all good gifts come from above (James 1:17). Many say “things happen for a reason”. Aurelius says what stands in the way becomes the way. I think it would be wise for us to find the “way” and ask hard questions. To step out of the box and find out the reasons why or to seek out a new way to advance our way of thinking. Climb a mountain, go around it or dig a tunnel through it. Does the end justifies the means? I find myself very frugal since PGST became a thing just as I settled for MSA and live on my retirement benefits.  It’s the timing of PGST that was pretty crappy.

For more than half of my life I have believed in the concept of making lemonade if you’re given lemons. Because it makes so much sense. It gives meaning and understanding of any situation you encounter. As a believer of Christ I keep my eyes on HIM while studying history, literature, and philosophy. My grandfather was a philosopher, a lover of words and wisdom who always spoke in riddles. He taught me so much not to wallow but to learn.  It took me a while to stop wallowing, get up, go clean up, stand up and make the first step. 

Life is tough.  I’m still fighting against my addictions with food. I’m still working on reaching the goal I set out many years ago.  Will I ever get there? And what difference would it make? What am I doing it for?  It’s time to pray and meditate on making lemonade with all these lemons. It’s time to consecrate my life again.

John Eldredge writes:  The act of consecration is “repairing the wiring,” the first step, before God’s protection and provision can flow. It is the fresh act of dedicating yourself—or your home, a relationship, a job, your sexuality, whatever needs God’s grace—deliberately and intentionally to Jesus, bringing it fully into his kingdom and under his rule. It seems so obvious, now that we state it, but you would be surprised how often this vital step is overlooked (and then folks wonder why their prayers don’t seem to be effective).

With all the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius his son was horribly terrible.🤔

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