Wastewater discharge at Ice-Box stopped

(July 21, 2016) Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) reported that the Malakal Wastewater Treatment Plant has been repaired and the discharges into sea embankment at Ice-Box Park had stopped.

For the last several months, malfunctioning equipment at the Wastewater Treatment Plant has resulted in wastewater discharge into the ocean along the sea embankment at the Ice-Box Park in Malakal, Koror.

Recent repairs works have stopped the discharges and helped minimize environmental damage and reduce public health risks in the area, according to PPUC press release.

A clogged discharge pipe at the ponds and a broken effluent pump resulted in wastewater overflowing from the treatment ponds and draining into the sea along the shore of the Park. The discharge pipe and pump direct wastewater from the ponds to an outfall pipe in the channel, hundreds of feet from the shoreline.

Working late into the night and with guidance and assistance from the Bureau Public Works, crews were able to make repairs and start pumping wastewater to the outfall pipe on the afternoon of July 15. By midnight of same day, the overflowing wastewater from the ponds had stopped. BPW and PPUC crews are currently repairing an additional pump as back-up for the effluent pump.

The PPUC Wastewater Operations continues to make improvements to the sewer pump stations and sewer collection system of Koror. Additional pumps and spare parts for the system have been ordered and within several weeks repairs will be made to other pumps stations so discharges are stopped.

PPUC would like to thank the management and staff of the Bureau of Public Works for their assistance, expertise and leadership during the repairs of the Malakal SPS-2 pump station and at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Please report all sewage overflows and issues, 24 hours a day, to PPUC Customer Service at 488-3870 or 3872 or 3877.