By: L.N. Reklai

July 7, 2016 (Koror) Attorney General filed charges against Brian Eungel for attempted murder and assault of his wife, Shirley Nakamura.

According to reports taken from the victim and the witnesses, Brian Eungel had strangled his wife with a metal chain and while doing so, kicked her about the body and knocked her face on the concrete road at T-Dock area of Meketii hamlet, Koror.


In a written statement, Ms. Nakamura stated that her husband had drove her and her cousin to a store and while the cousin was in the store, he sped away in a car to T-Dock with her still in the car.  She said that when they arrived at T-Dock, he told her “he will show her how much he loved her” and took a metal chain and started strangling her with it.

She said she began honking the horn in the car and eventually managed to get out of the car.  Mr. Brian Eungel followed her out of the car and started strangling her on the parking lot with the same chain.  According to her report, while strangling her, he was kicking her about the body and knocking her head on the parking lot.  She managed to get away from him and ran toward the water.  Mr. Eungel fled the scene after she escaped.

One of the witnesses reported that they saw a car headed toward T-Dock at high speed and was commenting about it when they heard a car honking and people yelling that someone was beating his wife.  The witness reported that the same vehicle sped away from T-Dock and they saw a bloody woman staggering and almost falling into water.

According to the witness, he approached the woman and saw that she was heavily bleeding on the head and she told him that her husband had beaten her up.

Mr. Brian Eungel was located yesterday and taken into custody.  His wife is in ICU.  Charges of one count of Attempted Murder in the Second Degree and one count of Assault in the First Degree were filed yesterday against Mr. Brian Eungel. [/restrict]