Government filed four felony charges against Mr. Cy Diukes Reklai for receiving a stolen a Glock 17 9mm police firearm with ten(10) rounds of ammunition.  Charges include Theft of Government Property in the First Degree, Theft of Government Property in the Second Degree, Possession of Firearm and Possession of Ammunition.

Based on police affidavit accompanying the charges, Sergeant Benjamin Masters of Fish & Wildlife noticed his firearm missing from his vehicle on morning of January 3, 2019.  He said he had secured his firearm under the driver’s seat of his vehicle the night before.

When Officer Master’s found his firearm missing, he reported it and investigation ensued.  According to Officer Harvey Takeshi from Criminal Investigation Division, after initial interviews, he received a tip from an unknown person showing the picture on a cellphone of the missing firearm which has been sent by Officer Master’s daughter.

Report states that the 16 year old daughter of Officer Masters had taken the firearm from her father’s vehicle while he was sleeping and gave to Mr. Reklai, a relative, to find a buyer.

Officers identified the daughter at her elementary school and were able to conduct an interview with her and her mother at the Criminal Investigation Office on January 7.

In the interview, the daughter admitted finding the gun in her father’s car and taking it with her.  She also said that she showed it to couple of her friends and then messaged Cy Diukes Reklai on Facebook to see if he could find a buyer for the gun.  Ms. Masters also said Mr. Reklai came to her home and took the gun.

Reklai in a separate interview with Officer Jeremy Desebel on January 7 said that his cousin, identified as Ms. Masters, sent him a message with a picture of a “black pistol which he thought was fake”.  He added that he met Ms. Masters in front of Spuns Takada’s residence and got the gun from her.

According to police report, upon arrival of police officers at his house, Mr. Reklai said he knew they were there to get the gun given to him by Ms. Masters and went and turn over the gun to the police.

Possession of Firearm is punishable by not less then 15 years in jail or a fine of not more than $5,000.  Possession of Ammunition is punishable by imprisonment of not more than 5 years  or fine of not less than $1,000. (L.N. Reklai)