By Francis Talasasa, Reporter

 A careless driver Shiduo Wang was charged with two counts by the court on October 28, 2016, on one count under the influence of drugs or intoxicating liquor and count two for negligent driving.

According to a Police Officer with the Bureau of public safety, Officer Randall Ngirengkoi said Shiduo wang’s car hit another vehicle at a highway in Medalaii, Koror on October 8.


The other car identified as driven by Mrs. Pedro was running on the highway and was about to make a turn when she was rear-ended by Mr. Wang’s car causing damages.

A field sobriety test was conducted and proved Mr. Wang of being intoxicated.

Mr. Wang on his first count received charges of imprisonment of not less than one day and not more than one year and shall be fined up to one thousand dollars with his license suspended for one year.

His second was charged with an imprisonment for a period up to thirty days or by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars. [/restrict]