Actual photo of the incident site The victim, Arnel Punzallan, got jammed between the side of the truck and piles of wood.

A Filipino national died after he was ran over by a truck during an attempt to rescue him from being jammed between the side of a flatbed truck and piles of wood in front of Hanpa Hardware on April 23 at around 3pm.

Based on the preliminary information from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID), the Bureau of Public Safety’s Patrol Division was first alerted by a caller at 3:15pm that a man, later identified as Filipino national Arnel Punzallan, 56, was jammed between the side of a flatbed truck and piles of two by four wood in front of the hardware store. It then prompted the officers to immediately respond to the scene.

The report stated that the first responders tried to free the victim from being jammed but in the process of doing so, the victim fell from where he was stuck and the truck moved forward and went over his body.

Responders once again tried to free him from his current position and immediately rushed him to the hospital for treatment once he was freed. Efforts were made to revive the victim but he was later declared dead at 3:55pm after he succumbed to injuries.

Further information from the CID preliminary investigation revealed that the victim, who just arrived at the scene, was the driver of the truck that was parked on a downward slope at the time the incident happened. It was found that the truck, in order to be parked on a downhill angle, only had hollow blocks, rocks, and cylinder concrete as its tire stopper. It was found later after operatives’ consultation with a mechanic that the handbrake of the truck was not operational and that it only has a buster brake system which means that it uses air to activate the brake and only functions when the car is moving.

Police are still conducting further investigation on the case. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)