Loren Reksid Ngirmekur (File Photo)

Man accused of sexually assaulting a woman who managed to escape only in her shirt was convicted on Monday this week with $86 as restitution demanded by the victim for the medical expenses she bore.

The restitution amount can go higher in the future when the victim acquires other medical services like counseling or rehabilitation.

Loren Reksid Ngirmekur got himself a plea agreement and received 15 years of supervised probation with 7 years to be served in Koror jail concurrent to his previous 7 year jail sentence a case of theft.

According the police reports, the victim was with her boyfriend when she met Ngirmekur and got into Ngirmekur’s car as she was told that she’ll be dropped at Ngkeklau.

The events turned when the car got in an accident and the victim had to walk with Ngirmekur hoping that he’ll help her get home as her boyfriend had taken off due to reasons not specified.

When Ngirmekur and the victim reached a small forest between Surangel Marina and Neco True Value Hardware, Ngirmekur strangled and dragged her into the forest.

The victim had passed out from being strangled and gained consciousness for a moment only to find out that Ngirmekur was trying to sexually assault her.

By the time the victim gained consciousness, she managed to scratch Ngirmekur in any manner she could and escaped only in her shirt.

The three men driving for their work at the hospital saw her and immediately drove her to the emergency room.

The report also said that Ngirmekur admitted to the cops about choking the victim and taking her into the forest because he wanted to have sex with her. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)