A 27-year-old man from Kayangel ended his life at around midnight of Wednesday.

According to the police report, before causing himself harm, Cekedong Ngiraked told his family member that he was going out to use the restroom but did not return back home.

It was after waiting for a while that one of Ngiraked’s close kin decided to look for him only to find him in a gruesome condition nearby their residency.

The report further stated that the Kayangel rangers received the call about the incident few minutes post midnight and responded to the scene immediately. By the rangers time arrived, they witnessed the residents attempt to help the victim by giving CPR.

The rangers decided to take over till the time the nurse arrives the scene but when the nurse reached the spot, she told them that it was too late and CPR as well couldn’t help the victim.

The family chose to secure the Ngiraked once it was certain that he was no more and decided to wait till the sunrise to transport him to the hospital.

The report also adds that the family left Kayangel at 6:40 AM and reached Olleiport at 7:37 AM where they waited for an ambulance.

This is the second such incident Island Times has reported this month. On 12th of April, a man attempted self-inflicted death in Meyuns.

Dr. Sylvia Wally who is a clinical psychiatrist at Behavioral Health (BH) tells the Island Times that BH receives at least two to three cases of attempted self inflicted death every year. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)