By: L.N. Reklai

June 26, 2017 (Ngeremlengui, Palau) A Chinese man dies after getting caught in a conveyor belt at Palau National Quarry in Ngeremlengui on Wednesday.

The 53 year-old Chinese national Wu Shinji was inspecting the conveyors that transport rocks to the crusher at the rock quarry when he got caught into the conveyor.  According to witnesses, they saw Mr. Shinji walk toward one of the conveyors.


The witnesses said they went back to their work but after few minutes they saw smoke coming from one of the conveyors and went to inspect.

Upon inspection they found legs sticking out from the conveyor and so they turned off the machines and pulled him out.

Mr. Shinji was already dead and the police were called.

The case is still under investigation said Keiden Kintol, PIO and Special Adviser to Minister of Justice. [/reestrict]