On September 26 a video of a person getting hit by a car was shared online.  The video showed a man walking on the right side of the road toward M-Dock when a vehicle sped by hitting him, causing him to fall flat on his face.

In the video, the car continued in the same speed toward M-dock without slowing down or stopping.  The video also showed the man looking like he was unconscious on the side of the pavement.

According to sources, the person in the video is Samuel Iyar who they said lives in the apartment  down by the court towards Mdock.  They said that he and his girlfriend got into a dispute and she ran him over.

Sources say he is in the ICU at the hospital and also has a broken foot.

Bureau of Public Safety have not confirmed these statements to be true. Bureau of Public Safety reported that the girlfriend who allegedly drove into the victim was arrested and charged under Family Protection Act violation.  BPS confirmed both victims are in their 20s but could not confirm the injuries, still awaiting official medical report.

Edited: September 30, 2020

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