The man who was charged for criminal conspiracy and possession of meth pleaded guilty and had been sentenced to 15 years of supervised probation and three-year imprisonment.

As per the last Island Times report, Julio Kazuo, who pleaded guilty, was involved in a case last year when the Narcotics Enforcement Agency intercepted a package containing 168.32 grams of meth addressed to Palau Family Clinic.

The package was picked up by George Remeliik from the Koror Post Office and had admitted to the NEA officials that the package contained ice and he was on his way to deliver the package to Kazuo.

Remeliik worked at the Family Clinic and his duties included picking up the mail from the post office, Remeliik was also the only one who had access to the clinics mail box, as per the court report.

In the previously obtained affidavit by Island Times, it was stated that Kazuo admitted to sending $5,000 to relative in the United States and arranged for the shipment of drugs that he had informed Remeliik to be on the lookout for.

The charge of trafficking of controlled substance however was dismissed by the court in exchange of a guilty plea by Kazuo.

Kazuo is also liable to pay a fine of $3,500 within two years after the release from the prison. (Eshan Kalyanikar)