A man fixing electrical wires. (Representational Image)

The blackouts that Koror experienced over the weekend was due to trees falling on the power lines and damaging the hardware.

The PPUC PIO said that the trees that fell on the power lines were mostly betel nut trees and repairs were quickly initiated with the help of Power Distribution Department crew,

The rainfall that caused the brownouts ranged from 5.93 to 10.02 inches. National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) has predicted windier conditions (approximately up to 30-35 mph) which may increase during periods of rainfall.

The residents of Koror have also complained about damages to the property due to the weather conditions. Some of the residents said that they were not fully aware or informed about the severity of the storm and NEMO wasn’t giving proper and timely information.

The PPUC was able to get the power back in the affected area and as of Monday the Koror State Government and the Special Operations Team(SOT) were assessing the damage of this weekend’s strong winds. The community helped the team in cutting and clearing some trees that fell over the weekend.

The SOT will be further cutting and clearing the trees at highly damaged areas around Koror. (Eshan Kalyanikar)