Early Sunday morning, a man, identified as SwenTkel, was shot by a police officer after he and five other guys allegedly attacked police officers who were in the process of arresting another man for throwing rocks at passing cars at 2am on Sunday, July 19th.

According to an updated police report of the incident, two police officers responded to a call of people throwing rocks at passing cars by KR Hardware Store, at Ngel, Koror.  Upon arriving at the scene, the female who called in the report identified one of the 3 young men there as the person who threw rocks at her car. 

The police went to arrest the man said to have thrown rocks, handcuffing him. While handcuffing the alleged perpetrator, two friends with him started arguing with the police, attempting to stop them from arresting their friend. 

According to the police report, while the confrontation was going on, four more men who were across the street at LM Store next to Fuji Restaurant, crossed the road and start attacking the officers.

One of the officers called for back up and shouted to the attackers to stop or he will shoot.  Report states that the group attacking the officers had pinned one of the officers to the ground.  “Facing imminent life-threatening danger” the second officer is said to have warned the group three times before he fired a single shot.

One of the guys, SwenTkelwas shot and the other five attempted to flee.  To clarify the initial report, Mr. Jose Ise, PIO at MOJ said that Mr. Tkel was not the arrested individual.  He was one of the four men that crossed the street to attack the officers.

A customer at LM store around the same time spoke to Island Times, said the place was packed.  So many people were on both sides of the street, some yelling and throwing bottles and jay walking across the road.  “The police looked scared.  Those people didn’t care and the people inside the store were oblivious to what was going on outside,” she said. 

Tkel was brought to the emergency room at the Belau National Hospital, still breathing but died shortly from his wounds. 

Three of the attackers were arrested while the rest escaped.  The report also states that these same individuals were reported earlier in bar fight at SLC @PC.

The officer Alpha Amalei, who fired the shot is said to have been in the force for about 3 years.

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