A man in his mid-30s who allegedly pointed a gun at a juvenile freshman student in the month of February this year inside the Palau High school (PHS) property is set for a plea hearing/trial setting conference on July 4.

Morgan Mira arrived in a red Premacy with a Ngatpang plate number 0626 at PHS and allegedly threatened to shoot a freshman student, according to the investigation done by Officer Isaiah Dolmers and Officer Elewel.

Officer Dolmers under oath stated that when Mira was tracked down by the officials and taken to the police station for questioning, he gave a written statement stating that alleged gun used for threatening was a toy gun.

However, Mira in his statement also added that he pointed what he claimed to be a toy gun at a juvenile because the victim had allegedly stole his son’s bike.

According to the case documents, Dolmers in the course of his investigation verified the picture of what Mira said was a toy gun with the two witnesses and the juvenile victim. What he got as a response from all three of them was that the gun pointed at the freshman wasn’t the same as what Mira claimed.

The witnesses and the victim described and identified to Dolmers a .22 caliber hand gun.

Civilians cannot posses firearm in Palau by law, as to how Mira got his hands on alleged gun is not stated in the case document.

Mira is charged with Terroristic Threatening in the second degree, Reckless Endangering in the second degree and False reporting to law enforcement authorities. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)