Sergeant for Division of Wildlife and Protection whose gun was stolen in January was not just intoxicated when he failed to secure the firearm but also carried the firearm along with him to the New Years party he attended, alleged the officer’s suspension report.

Sergeant Benjamin Masters was given a 15-day suspension on the January 21 without pay, the Chief of Fish and Wildlife department had told the Island Times in previous report that the suspension was lifted on April. However, as he was given a 15-day suspension, it lasted till February 8.

Based on the preliminary report by Det Sgt. Harvey Takeshi and Det Lt. Lebuu Gibbons, Masters was assisting Division of Patrol on holiday season. His shift ended at 3 am of January 2nd and he then went to a party at around 4am in the morning.

“You failed to secure your assigned firearm and its ammunition at the Division of Patrol or at the Division of Fish and Wildlife Protection if you planned ahead to attend the party.” Read the suspension report signed by Minister of Justice Raynold B. Oilouch.

The Director of the Bureau of Public Safety Aloysius Alonz said that officers are not allowed to carry the firearm after their shift has ended without his permission.

He added there are officers who have permission to carry the firearm even after their official shift, however, he clarified that Sergeant Masters wasn’t one of them.

Masters then returned home late intoxicated and told his wife to lock the vehicle before he slept. The gun at this point was kept under the car’s seat.

According to the previous Island Times report based on the official statements by the investigators, 16 year-old daughter of Masters had taken the firearm from her father’s vehicle while he was sleeping and had given it to Cy Diukes Reklai, a relative, to find a buyer.

As of now, the government has filed four felony charges against Cy Diukes Reklai for receiving a stolen a Glock 17 9mm police firearm with 10 rounds of ammunition. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)