MAJURO, 10 APRIL 2017 (MARIANAS VARIETY) — Women are seeking help from the Marshall Islands High Court for protection against domestic violence at a record-setting pace in 2017.

Two new temporary protection orders or TPOs issued at the end of March bring the total to seven in the first three months of 2017. This compares to the 12 TPOs that were granted in response to domestic violence situations in 2016, and 10 the previous year.


The latest protection orders were issued by two judges for the different incidents.

In one, a woman living in the downtown area of Majuro said she was assaulted in her home by her husband of 13 years who punched, kicked and dragged her by the hair. After hearing her testimony, Chief Justice Carl Ingram issued a temporary restraining order directing the husband to stay 200 feet away from the victim. As is the case with a number of the petitions to the court for domestic violence, at a follow up court hearing a week later, the woman requested the order be removed, and the husband said he understood the consequences of repeating assaultive behavior, which resulted in Ingram “vacating” the TPO.

In the other case, a woman living in a rural area of Majuro told the court she was slapped in the face and hit in the head by her partner. She sought court help on March 31, and the same day Judge Colin Winchester issued a TPO ordering the man to stay 200 feet away from the woman.

Although 29 women have received help from the High Court for domestic violence since 2015, no criminal cases have been filed in the High Court by government prosecutors related to these reports from Marshall Islands women….. PACNEWS [/restrict]