MAJURO (RNZ PACIFIC) —The last two repatriation groups arriving in the Marshall Islands from the U.S have had three individuals who tested positive after arrival.
Just days after the first Marshall Islands Covid-19 case – an American Army base worker – was cleared in mid-November as no longer contagious, three Marshall Islanders in the first repatriation group to return home from Hawaii turned up with positive tests.
These results came two weeks into their three-week quarantine.
The three new Covid cases among the 27 Marshallese in managed quarantine at the U.S Army Garrison – Kwajalein Atoll were confirmed by testing last Sunday, and later confirmed in a national radio broadcast by Marshalls President David Kabua.
Kabua referred to all three who tested positive as “border cases,” meaning they have been in quarantine with no contact with the wider community.
The immediate result of the new positive findings is that the quarantine for the Marshallese at the US base is being extended an additional seven days, meaning the earliest they can be released is 28 November….. PACNEWS

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