SUVA, 12 MARCH 2021 (MARSG GOVT)—The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and the Solomon Islands are leading the call for ambitious action to reign in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with a proposal to establish a universal, mandatory GHG levy.
RMI Ambassador to Fiji, Albon Ishoda made the statement ahead of the upcoming International Maritime Organisation (IMO)76th Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting.
“As global GHG emissions continue to increase, they recognise that the international shipping sector must bear a proportionate responsibility for its share of GHG emissions.
“Current measures under consideration by the MEPC are inadequate to align the international shipping sector on the trajectory required to limit temperature increase to the Paris Agreement goal of 1.5 degrees Celsius. Our proposal helps to keep this goal in sight.
“The proposal would establish a mandatory, universal GHG levy with an entry price of US$100 per tonne/CO2e with regular upward ratchets following review. It would provide a clear signal to the market and all industry actors of the shipping industry’s commitment to decarboniSation at requisite speed and scale, and it would also help to make decarbonised shipping fuel and technologies cost competitive with business-as-usual (BAU) emission-based technology options,” Ambassador Ishoda said in a statement.
He said the majority of the funds raised from the levy would help climate vulnerable countries meet different climate change adaptation and mitigation needs.

“Another portion of funds would be directed to subsidize the research, development, and deployment of new technologies and fuels administrated under the mandate of the IMO.

In the Marshall Islands we have a saying – “Wa kuk wa jimor”, meaning that we are all in the same canoe together. No one country can solve the climate crisis alone, and no country can sit on the sidelines if we are to seriously tackle this issue. We look forward to all MEPC Member States considering our proposal at the upcoming June session” he said…..PACNEWS

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