Mechesil Belau is seeking financial support from the government of $125,000 to fund its upcoming 2023 Mechesil Belau Conference, a 3-day annual event that will also mark its 30th anniversary.

In a letter to Senate President Hokkons Baules, Mechesil Belau said they will invite high-level women from the USA, Guam, Saipan, Asia/Pacific, and Taiwan who are involved in culture, environment, education, and health in their respective governments to the attend the conference.

The budget breakdown for the 3-day conference includes $30,000 for logistics, venue, planning, media coverage, and traditional performance. It also includes $25,000 for book design, photos, and a historical timeline of Mechesil Belau’s work.  Mechesil Belau published a similar book for the 25th Anniversary.

The budget also includes $30,000 for lunch and dinner and a Rock Island lunch. It also includes $20,000 for arrangements and hospitality for guests, including gifts.  Lastly, it includes $10,000 for boat fuel and training for cultural arts and crafts activities.

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