Standing in front of all the media outlets in Palau, President Tommy Remengesau recognized  media as the 4th branch of the government.

During his speech he said media helped keep people informed of the issues going on in Palau.

“I do like to recognize the fact that during this pandemic situation, it has been the media that has attributed to better awareness, better education, and better clarification of the government’s policy, and especially on what we need to do as an entire community.” Said Remengesau.

He remarked that the media and the government have a good relationship with one another. Citing the weekly press conferences held each Wednesday as one of cooperation and collaboration between the government and media.

He concluded saying that presence of the media is needed.

President Remengesau along with Minister of State Faustina Rehuher Marugg gave out certificates to all the different media outlets in Palau, private and public.

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