Left to Right: Marsil Omengkar, Sorcha Basilius, Dallas Oketol, Maria Leerbey, Sheldon Elbelau, Brian Eungel

Ngeburch, Melekeok (March 3, 2021) – The Melekeok Conservation Network (MCN) in partnership with the Palau Housing Authority planted Seba Grass to prevent erosion as a need to use resources for preservation and more efficiently to promote long-term sustainability of soil enrichment.

The effort in maintaining ecological integrity not only take part in habitats but an environment where workforce take place at. Landslide is one of the major issues on island so it is very helpful that this kind of act is in effort to obstruct the causes of climate change as well as monitoring the safety of both agency and animal homes. Moreover, the Palau Housing Authority would like to thank the Melekeok Conservation Network for its continued support and the betterment of Palau.

Author: Kidil Iyechad

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