A memorial service for Mr. Dwayne C. Flowers, a retired American teacher who was discovered dead in his apartment in Ngerias, Ngerkesoaol two weeks ago, was held on the morning of Friday, November 27.
Mr. Flowers, age 71, had lived and worked in Palau for over twenty years. He taught World History, Civics, and Geography at Palau High School from 1999 to 2006, and at Mindszenty High School from 2006 to 2011.
Mr. Flowers was discovered dead in his apartment on the evening of November 18, after a resident in his complex reported smelling a foul odor coming from his room to the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) Police Central Office. Responding officers forced the door to Mr. Flowers’ apartment open to find his lifeless body there. It is believed that Mr. Flowers died of natural causes.
Numerous people who had seen Mr. Flowers prior to the incident said that he had been “breathing heavily” and did not seem well.
Mr. Flowers, who was born in Detroit, Michigan, married in Palau, and left behind three children: Darien Guy, Antja Mariana Flowers, and Ailan Karen Flowers. His daughters currently attend school outside of Palau.
The Friday morning service included verbal tributes from several of Mr. Flowers’ coworkers and acquaintances, as well as a recorded message from his daughters.
Mr. Flowers was described as a bus driver, actor, and radioshow director, as well as a teacher. The tributes defined him by his “love for wildlife an environmental activism” and for “standing up for those subject to racial or social injustices”.
Mr. Flowers was buried at Ngerbodel Cemetery.

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