Minister Dr. Dale Jenkins of the Ministry of Education returned to Palau in good health after receiving medical treatment in the Philippines.  Dr. Jenkins appeared at the press conference on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, looking well after his ordeal.

Dr. Jenkins was involved in an accident in September where his car plunged into a ravine in Ngardmau while driving home after work.  Dr. Jenkins was fortunately found by a sharp-eyed passerby who glimpsed the vehicle in the deep ravine and quickly sought help. 

Jenkins expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the passerby who rescued him.  He said he does not remember what happened, and the only information he has is what people told him.  He thanked the hospital staff, nurses, and doctors for taking good care of him.

He added that in his absence, the Ministry of Education ran smoothly and efficiently and applauded the staff, principals, and teachers for good work and commitment.

He assured the public that he was recovering well and back to work .

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