The Ministry of Education has bared plans and initiatives aimed at strengthening and improving educational services and opportunities to the people of Palau in the first 100 days of the 10th National Government.

Transmitting the Ministry’s initiatives to the President, Minister Sinton Soalablai stated, “The Ministry of Education has worked diligently under your leadership to provide the best educational services and opportunities to the people of Palau and to provide assurances that we will not waver our duty to ensure the success of our students”.


In the first 100 days, the Ministry of Education will expand community outreach and assessment programs, strengthen use of information and communication technology (ICT), and boost student support to better track performance beyond high school.

As part of its community outreach and assessment program, MOE will extend Adult Education Program services to the states of Aimeliik and Kayangel providing adult Palauans with the opportunity to achieve high school level education, conduct parent workshops on school curriculum and learning targets as well as conduct a thorough community assessment of school aged children between 6-17 who are not enrolled in school.

In preparation for the highly anticipated fiber optic connection in late 2017, which will open up endless opportunities for education, MOE will begin assessing ICT in education as a component of its 10-year master plan. In this connection, MOE is set to equip 5th to 8th Grade classrooms with cutting edge technology including power point projectors, interactive document camera, wireless tablets and charging stations to enhance classroom instruction. All students and teachers in 1st to 8th grade will be supplied with tablet devices with appropriate apps to further support and promote instruction and learning in the digital age.

Further expanding student support and services, the Ministry is working on plans to acquire bookmobile for the Palau Public Library, buses for Airai and Aimeliik Elementary Schools, and two additional buses to serve students from Keiukl and Despedall.

Improving curriculum and student assessment, providing professional development for teachers and principals, and providing focused activities to better service students are also among the Ministry’s top priorities within the first 100 days.

The Ministry of Education is committed to continue improving and strengthening educational services and opportunities to better serve the people of Palau and ensure the success of students into the future. (contributed) [/restrict]