I like to watch the Korean Soap Opera! Occasionally I set aside a day or two to watch a borrowed DVD that a friend recommends. I know I know…some of you might think I’m wasting my time. But it’s not altogether a waste of time. These shows keep me alert. I’ve improved my speed-reading with my eyes moving from the subtitles to the actors and back. I’ve also learned to better articulate the movements of my soul.  [restrict[

I’ve learned great lessons from these shows – perseverance has its reward; listening to my deep thoughts moves me to find the point of silence that enlarges my life, and that self-control is a virtue.

Here’s one I heard a mother say to her daughter, “Happiness isn’t given to you but created by you!” That wedged its way deep into my heart & soul. I pondered over it for days. Yeah… my well-being is really up to me. Nobody owes me anything. No one is to blame but me. If I want to be happy, I create it! It is really an inside job!

Let me share another great lesson I read in my reading… There is nothing worse than buying a beautiful, highly polished red delicious apple, and biting into it only to find it mealy and mushy on the inside. Well, maybe there is something worse – a physically beautiful woman who is rotten to the core. King Solomon says that’s like putting a “gold ring in a pig’s snout.” What a waste.

Becky experienced this first hand when she was 19 year old. She was a runway model at her hometown department store. She was 5’2 and 100 pounds, perfect size to model apparel from the petite department. But she had always longed to be tall and slender like the runway models from the big cities. On one occasion, the management of the store where Becky worked flew in a New York model to add to the excitement of a fashion show event.

Becky was thrilled to watch as professionals paraded up and down the runway with poise and elegance.

Becky explained, “I can remember standing behind a rack of clothes and peering admiringly as the 5’8″ sleek blond glided up and down the runway with the grace and poise of a queen. ‘Oh God,’ I prayed, ‘How I wish I could be like her.’”

After the fashion show was over Becky was gathering her belongings from backstage when she overheard the model in a fit of rage.

“All I know is that this beautiful woman, who I had so admired, almost worshipped, was spewing the filthiest language I had ever heard and slinging clothes and shoes all around the room. I ran out of the store and cried all the way home. Disappointment and disillusionment filled my heart. ‘Oh God,’ I prayed once again, ‘Please don’t ever let me be like her.’”

Becky had learned a valuable lesson about true beauty. As someone once said, “Often behind silken apparel lies a threadbare soul.”  [/restrict[