Palauans possibly involved in the kidnapping

The missing 48-year-old Chinese national, Liyan Chen, is now a subject of possible kidnapping, according to the police report yesterday. 

He was reported missing on February 22, 2023 by his wife who was trying to reach him from China and was unable to contact him.  According to the report, she got in touch with his housemate, a Chinese lady who was seen on the WeChat video communication earlier that same day.   

They only found his parked car (AUDI) at the Hanpa building.

The police report states “A review of a CCTV footage of the area by the DCI revealed a black Mazda Tribute, occupied by two (2) individuals, entering the parking lot and abducting Mr. Chen. An investigator of DCI tracked said vehicle on CCTV footage arriving at the Marina in Ngetkib, Airai, where it parked besides a fishing vessel and later joined by a Nissan X-Trail. In the CCTV footage, both SUVs forwarded and parked at the end of the pier as the fishing vessel departed the Marina in the Northwest direction.”

After further investigation into the missing person, police obtained information from the girlfriend of one of the suspects where she revealed that her boyfriend Raymond Ngoderii Tiakl and other Palauan nationals, including Andy Mesubed (a.k.a) Andy Lai, have been watching the missing Chinese man at his apartment at T-Dock (former Sunset Park) days before the kidnapping.  The report said that the girlfriend indicated that her boyfriend was involved in the kidnapping of the missing Chinese national.

Mr. Chen’s wife is reported to be in Palau searching for her husband.

It is alleged that Mr. Chen is on Interpol’s Red Notice watch list, with China seeking his arrest. 

The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) is highly encouraging the public to come forward or call 911, 488-1422 or 488-5000 with any information on Mr. Chen and/or the suspects that may help with the ongoing investigation.

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