Relatives of Mathew Omengebar, the man who went missing for 10 days, talking with him, glad to see him safe and sound.

After 10 days of searching for Mathew Omengebar of Ngarchelong State, man reported missing on September 27th, he was found walking along the main road early yesterday morning. The area is said to be close to where his house is located.
The search which was extended to Friday, October 8 by the Ministry of Justice, was called off after he was reported found.
When Mr. Omengebar was interviewed of his whereabouts for the last 10 days, he said that he had taken what he thought was a short cut from the State dispensary to his house but lost his way.
Omengebar said he followed a trail but then the trail broke into more trails and he said he lost his way and went into the jungle. Asked how he was able to get back home, he said that he knew where north, south, east and west were and just headed north because he knew that was where his house was.
He said that during the time he was in the jungle, he ate “dubech” and drank water from pools.
Some members of his family are skeptical of his explanations saying that he was already having trouble walking without the aid of walking stick, to have been able to walk and stay in the jungle for this length of time. Furthermore, they said when he was found, he looked well, and had no scratches on him. “He didn’t ask for food or drink and looked well-rested when he came,” said his aunt who was quite upset with him for the scare he gave her.
“I think he was staying with some people and they dropped him off when they heard of the search,” stated his elder aunt.
He is an ailing man, with difficulty walking and memory issues. Omengebar remained consistent in the recounting of his whereabouts of the last 10 days.
Family and clan relatives of Omengebar as well as friends visited with him expressing their relief that he was found safe and well.
A lot of people joined the search for Omengebar, members of Ngarchelong community, Ngarchelong rangers, rangers from neighboring States, national law enforcement officers and relatives. The 10-day search covered land and sea, in Ngarchelong and in the neighboring States.
The family of Omengebar will hold special lunch today to thank all the people that took part in the search for Mathew Omengebar.

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