The Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment, and Tourism’s GEF Ridge to Reef International Waters (R2R IW) Project and the Belau Watershed Alliance (BWA) had donated $300 for Ngiwal’s Ollumel Water Restoration Project at Bkul a Tab.

The water source at Bkul a tab has maintained a steady trickle of water for as long as the residents of Ngiwal have known. It has been a backup source during times of water shortage and drought in the past.

Ngiwal’s plan is to initiate restoration work and water source expansion to maximize output of water for emergency and supplemental drinking water source for the growing Ngiwal population.

In response to this donation, Honorable Governor Ellender Ngirameketii expresses his gratitude for the generous contribution from R2R IW and BWA.

He expresses concern over numerous large development projects in Palau, and reminds us that small projects such as this water restoration project will greatly influence people’s livelihoods and well-being.

He further states that water is a precious resource that is taken for granted, therefore with this project, Ngiwal will ensure cleaner and safer water sources for its community and future generations to come. Now that we are faced with numerous climate change impacts, this project will help prepare us for what will come.

BWA Chairman, Jonathan Temol and Governor Ngirameketii ensures more water related collaboration projects in the future and hope to build on its existing partnership. For more information, please email (PR)