Traumatized students who were in the school bus when two eighth-graders attacked a fourth-grader are being counseled as well as being accompanied by their school Vice Principal on the bus after school, reported MOE Minister Dale Jenkins in response to an incident that took place on the Harris Elementary School bus while dispatching students to Ngermid and Ngesaol over a week ago.

“We are counseling the students and also working on short-term and long-term plans on how to deal with these situations. We are working on how to keep the kids in school and continue to participate,” stated Minister Jenkins, adding that having the vice principal on the bus had a positive impact on the kids.

Jenkins also reported that they have been working with parents along with their children, and it has been positive so far.

Videos of fighting and bullying in schools are coming out as kids now have access to smartphones and are recording some of these incidents.

Minister of Education Dr. Jenkins assured that they are now putting in place policies and processes to deal with such incidents.

Vice President and Minister of Justice Uduch Sengebau-Senior said that they are not tolerating this kind of behavior and will work to prosecute perpetrators to the highest extent possible  within the law, acknowledging that most of them are minors. “We will need to work together with the communities and state leaders on this issue.” (By: L.N. Reklai)

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