“We are becoming much more digitally oriented, and what COVID has pointed out to us is that they are a very important part of education,” stated Minister of Education Dr. Dale Jenkins of the Ministry’s decision to incorporate more use of technology in the classrooms.

Ministry of Education starts the 2022-23 school year on a new school calendar system, the year-round school starting July 2022.  In addition to the new school calendar system, MOE is incorporating electronics into the classroom such as the use of e-books in social studies for grades 3 and up.

Electronic books (e-books) will have “significant advantages over the traditional books.”  “For example, you are reading a text… and you come across a word you don’t know, you touch it and you get the dictionary definition,” explained Minister Jenkins.  The e-books can also provide links that can help students add-on to their knowledge.

MOE paid for e-books access for 6 years which, according to Jenkins, is the life of a standard textbook.

Achievement tests show that contents areas scores are much lower than they should be and one of the main reasons for this according to Minister Jenkins, is the students’ poor reading skills.

MOE is reviving the Achieve 3000 series, a program aimed at improving students reading levels as well as assisting them to understand the contents of the reading materials.

An individualized reading program will be introduced in all the schools as a full academic program and students will be able to download books onto their cellphones or tablets and will be able to read at their leisure.  There will be exams given to test their comprehension and vocabulary with results entered into a central database for better assessment of each student’s progress.  The program is designed to help improve each student’s reading level.

New electronic student records services will be introduced in the new school year.  Teachers will have electronic grade books instead of the standard paper ones.  The posted student grade will automatically transfer to the central database.  This will generate progress reports, report cards, and transcripts.

“If the parent wants to know how their child is doing on any given day, the teachers can send them a photograph of their child’s grade…and that can be done at any time,” said Minister Jenkins of the use of electronics in the classrooms in the upcoming school year.  Parents will not have to wait until after the quarter to see their kids’ progress reports

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