The Ministry of Finance is notifying the public of amendments to the immigration rule for Palau enabling Palau digital residents to be eligible for up to visa renewals.

According to the proposed regulations, digital residents are eligible for up to two consecutive 90 days extensions of tourist visas during each calendar year for travel to Palau after their initial visa expires.

“Digital residents shall prove their eligibility by presenting their digital resident national ID card to the appropriate immigration officer when applying for the extension.

Under the digital residency law established in 2021, a non-citizen, without having to be a physical resident, can apply for a digital residency ID which will allow the bearer to open digital accounts, apply for a certificate of the legal name change, establish a physical mailing address, establish a digital phone number.

The digital residency ID is not equivalent to allowing digital residents to establish a business in Palau.

The new law replicates the e-residency system of Estonia, where a digital citizen can sign documents, form companies, access online banking, and conduct online trading, among others.

However, the digital residency ID does not entitle the bearer to reside in Palau.

As of March 4, 2023, there are 4,258 digital residents in Palau, according to a tweet by the Director of the Digital Residency Office, Jay Hunter Anson.

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