Crisis sometimes brings out the worst in people such as targeted racism, discrimination, hoarding, and others as seen on social media and the news but it also brings out the best in people.  This is seen here as private citizens, groups, associations and even just office mates come together to help those in need in our community.

Last week, over 100 employees from the Ministry of Finance, from their own pockets, purchased food items to be distributed to people who are financially affected by the COVID-19. The donation of food items such as sacks of rice, cases of chicken, canned foods, cooking oil, soy sauce and other basic staples were given to Father Rusk Saburo at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church to be distributed to those in need.

“Each employee donated what they can out of their own pockets,” revealed Minister Sadang as he and other MOF staff members offloaded the donated items at the church.

Father Rusk Saburo said he was pleased to see people coming together to help those in need at this time.  He said that another group, a family group, had approached to church, to create a donation drop off for those that just want to help but don’t know where to bring their help.

Under the Osiaol building at the Sacred Heart Church, a family group had decided to volunteer an hour of their time each day to man a donation drop off box.  Jacob Yangilmau, who used to work for a tour agency, was manning the drop off center with a relative.  Mr. Yangilmau said he worked with a tour company and know of many who are affected and in dire need of help which is why he and his small group of relatives have decided to help in this way.

“The food and the items are collected and distributed according to the list that has been compiled.  People from church, from the hotels and from other companies are providing names of people who need help.  We now have over 100 names on the list,” stated Yangilmau.

Palau government has provided various assistance including cash, to assist those who have lost their jobs, or have their hours reduced due to COVId-19 impact on tourism industry.  The assistance is available to eligible citizens and non-citizens alike.