Morisang Dirrauldekel Udui (left) and Osel Voshon Rengulbai (right) had been accepted to different trainings in Japan.

Two Palauan officials had been accepted to JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program  and will be attending separate trainings in Japan.

Ministry of Health’s Human Resources employee Morisang Dirrauldekel Udui will attend training called Social Participation and Livelihood of Persons with Disabilities through a Community-Based Inclusive Approach.

Through the training, Udui will learn how to develop plans or strategies and initiate new actions for promoting the social participation of persons with disabilities through livelihood, independent living and other support programs, based on learning from experiences of Okinawa, Japan and other counties.

Meanwhile Osel Voshon Rengulbai of the Safety Management System Officer of the Bureau of Aviation, will be attending The Total Planning of Airport Construction, Management, and Maintenance training. In this training program, participants will prepare proposal soft heir airport development plan considering construction, management and maintenance and each plan will be considered by the respective country the participants belong to.

To learn more about this and other JICA Programs, contact the Ministry of State or JICA Palau Office, or visit (PR)