Taiwan Ambassador to Palau Wallace Chow (first row, 3rd from left) and Education Minister Sinton Soalablai (first row, 4th from left) together with MOE staff and the recipients of Taiwan Scholarships.

Taiwan Ambassador to Palau Wallace Chow awarded Taiwan scholarships to 12 Palauan students at an orientation meeting held at the Ministry of Education (MOE) on August 14, 2019.

Ambassador Chow congratulated the recipients and noted the importance of the year 2019 which marks the 20th year of diplomatic relationship between Taiwan and Palau.

Now there have been a total of 103 Palauan recipients of Taiwan Scholarship since the program began in 2004.

Out of the new 12 scholarship recipients, eight received Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Scholarship and four received International Cooperation Development Fund (ICDF) scholarship.

One of the ICDF students, Jamaal Tewid, attends school of Medicine for International Students in I-shou University.

Education Minister Sinton Soalablai said Palauan students enjoy good reputation in Taiwan.

When Taiwan people learn the students are from Palau, they tend to have high expectation for them. Minister Soalablai urges the students to keep working hard and maintain that good reputation.

Responding to the increase of Palauan students in Taiwan, Ministry of State at the urging of Ministry of Education has added an Education attaché to the Palau Embassy in Taiwan early this year to assist with student affairs.

The 12 scholarship recipients will leave for Taiwan in the next few weeks. (PR)