Belau National Hospital’s pediatric ward gets new look.  Located at the Medical Wing of the Belau National Hospital, newly remodeled ward sports colorful pastel theme, making it more “happy & friendly” place for children.


Color and shapes are the most noticeable attributes of the world and colors and shapes are ways children observe and categorize what they see. Colors and shapes encourage children to define and organize the world around them.

Ministry of Health, have remodeled and painted the children’s ward colorful colors and shapes to help influence mood, behavior and stimulate the brain and body to better effect little children’s health.

“We hope that it will make a difference during their admittance.” The Ministry of Health and its patients would like to recognize and to thank the Be­lau Art Gallery for their donation of “tropical” paintings and to Mrs. Sai Nabeyama for her donation of “Cartoon” paintings. Your kind­ness has transformed the children’s wing tremendously! (MOH Pulse Newsletter)  [/restrict]