Ministry of Justice reported two back-to-back Search-And- Rescue (SAR) Operations on March 11, 2023.  Both operations ended successfully.

The report states that at 2:47 pm on March 11, Officer Jeremy Nakamura received a call requesting Search and Rescue (SAR) assistance from Mr. Mayer Julius after two young boys at a rock island across Echang flagged him down and informed him they had been unable to locate their father, Mr. Bismark Felix Tarkong, after searching for three (3) hours.

After receiving the call, Chief Kenny Sengebau of the Division of Maritime Security and Fish & Wildlife (DMSFW), Bureau of Public Safety, activated a SAR Operation at exactly 2:50 pm and informed police officers reported to the Mission. Sergeant Ringang, Sergeant Rdiall, and Officer Louis departed on SAR I to assist in the Operation, with Lieutenant Santos and Lieutenant Masters arriving minutes later.

Less than an hour after the activation of the SAR Operation, Officer Nakamura called Sergeant Rdiall, who informed him that the victim had been found and was safe. The SAR unit was instructed to transport the victim to the DMSFW harbor, where he will be transported in an ambulance to the hospital for medical examination.

The second SAR Operation was activated after Mr. Artin Hideyos called at 4:08 pm to report a half-sunken wooden boat drifting southeast of the Lighthouse Channel. Officer Mad received the call.

Within minutes, Bul departed the Division of Maritime Security and Fish & Wildlife (DMSFW) harbor to respond to the call. Bul crew were Officer Nakamura, Officer Luois, Sergeant Ringang, and Sergeant Rdiall.

Arriving between the Lighthouse Channel and Ngeremdiu reef at approximately 4:26 pm, at the sight of the partially submerged unoccupied bunker boat, the Bul crew managed to secure the vessel and started its tow at 4:45 pm to the DMSFW harbor, arriving at 5:33 pm and securing the vessel on land 15 minutes later. (MOJ press release)

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