Juvenile Justice Office (JJO) and the Narcotics Enforcement Agency teams up this summer to bring back the LEEP Program for children and young people.  Through LEEP (Law Enforcement Explorer Program), the agencies involved seek to provide activities for youth to keep them busy and off the streets this summer.

The program will consist of physical activities, discipline approaches as well as educational programs aimed at motivating and educating children.  The aim according to information from the Ministry of Justice is to inspire each child and ensure they gain positivity towards better future.

Registration is going now and last day to register a child is this Friday, June 12th at the Office Narcotics Enforcement Agency in Ngesekes, Ngerbeched.  The program is for children ages 10 to 18.

For more information about the program, parents are advised to contact 488-3198 (JJO) and 488-4952 (NEA).