Ngiwal State will hold its 10th General Election this coming July 14, 2020 for its governor and state legislators for a four-year term.

Currently vying for the position of Governor are Sisco Melaitau, Xavier Ngirameong and Jeff Ngirarsaol.

Thirteen (13) are running for the seven (7) elected positions in the legislative branch (Kelulul a Kiuluul).  The legislative branch of Ngiwal State Government has 17 members, 10 of which comes from the traditional clans and hamlets of Ngiwal and 7 are popularly elected.  Only the seven (7) will be elected while the traditional representatives are appointed in accordance with traditional customs.

Candidates for the Kelulul a Kiuluul are Caleb Melil, JohndeckTimarong, Hebsis Ngirakesau, Amos Mesubed, Manasseh Temol, Andrew Ngirarois, Russel Masayos, Hideki Takataro, Delilah Llecholch, Bolton Tengoll, Emilia Katosang, AsariaTimarong and Marina Udui.

Meanwhile the Resolution KAK 13-01 to impeach Ngiwal’s current Governor Ngirameketii seems moot with General Election only weeks away.