Kayangel State Governor Midas Ngiracheluolu is finishing his four years in office this June 30th and says he is happy with the accomplishments he made during his term in office.  Ngiracheluolu won governorship of Kayangel in 2017 and had opted not to run again for the same office this last election.

“When I ran for this position, I said I was running to meet the needs of Kayangel people, not the wants,” stated Ngiracheluolu on a phone interview with Island Times.

Some of the key accomplishments that Governor Ngiracheluolu cited included improving the water system by obtaining funds from USDA to build a 5,000 gallon water tank atop nearly a 100’ tower.  This is part of a desalination system intended to provide potable water to all of Kayangel households.  Desalination is not yet completed but the water tank is already in use. The water is pumped up to the tank and using gravity flow, is distributed to all households.

“Before, the water went directly from water pump to the homes.  The water pump had to run constantly.  Now it pumps the water to the tank and then gets turned off.  The water pump will get turned on automatically when the water reaches a certain level,” added Ngiracheloulu.

Governor is also proud of the work to bring the hybrid solar plant to Kayangel which provides electrical power most of the time.  He said he worked with President Remengesau to bring it about. He added that power plant will only turn to diesel only for few hours if the battery runs out earlier but it runs on solar and battery for most of the day.

Among some of the accomplishments he cited was the improvement of the Bai ra Rubak which he said was allocated funding from Haiyan but wasn’t enough and with support from Senate President Baules and Speaker Anastacio, he was able to secure additional funding to complete the project.  He added that he made road improvements, ice plant improvement and other projects that improve the quality of life of the people of Kayangel.

“My goal when I ran to office was to provide the people of Kayangel with what they needed to improve their lives, and that’s better power and water.  I knew Kayangel had no real economy and I felt that if I improve their daily lives, economic improvements will come,” expressed Governor Ngiracheluolu.

Kayangel State held their 17th General Election in May and the unofficial results show Elmis Ruluked leading the gubernatorial race with 127 votes followed by Ricky Ngiraked with 121.  An issue of a potential runoff between the two is pending legal opinion due to Kayangel State’s Constitution mandating a that a governor candidate receive majority of the total votes casts and both candidates do not have the majority of the total votes cast.