The convicted murderer and rapist Amador Osima is alleged to have entered the juvenile holding area in Koror jail and sexually assaulted a minor female in custody, vetted sources tell Island Times.

Director of the Bureau of Public Safety Ishmael Aquon confirmed that the report of the said incident was received and that investigation is ongoing. 

The minor female inmate has been moved from Koror jail to a secured location where she is given 24-hour police protection. 

According to Aquon, the minor female had received medical attention, and a full investigation is underway that includes a review of CCTV camera footage within the facility to find out how the alleged incident occurred.

Sources say that the female juvenile is quite fearful of Amador Osima, the alleged perpetrator.

Osima, is but one of the alleged suspects that is being investigated, said Director Aquon when contacted by Island Times.  However, the statement read earlier by Director Aquon at the press conference said the juvenile reported sexual conduct with a male inmate, an individual male inmate.

Sources say that inmate Amador Osima had the key to the juvenile facility.

Amador Osima brutally hacked a Philippino national to death with a machete in 2013 and while awaiting trial for that murder, he raped a five-year-old child.  Osima has escaped jail several times, including one that brought about the largest manhunt in Palau’s history.

The incident raised questions yet to be answered. How did Osima, who is confined in a cell, able to leave his area, enter the front section of jail where central monitors are, pass the security unseen to enter a separated juvenile section, unlock the metal gates, unlock the door and enter the room housing the juvenile?

BPS Director Aguon, at the press conference this week, said the ongoing investigation covers both administrative and criminal aspects of the incident. Juvenile Justice Department, Criminal Investigation Department and the Transnational Crime Unit are conducting the joint investigation, added Aguon.

“No need to outsource the investigation of police officers assigned to Division of Corrections,” said Minister of Justice Sengebau-Senior, responding to a question whether the Bureau of Public Safety conducting its own internal investigations could ensure impartial results.

“A police lieutenant was just now suspended as a result of the ongoing investigation,” said Minister of Justice Sengebau-Senior.

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