Belau National Museum / Elementary School Students

What do people and animals do around the world? How do they live and work in different climates? What sounds can we hear? The summer performance that took place on July 6th was a huge success.
The little artists, musicians and dancers performed at the Civic Center and brought it to life for everyone to see, feel, hear and experience. What words cannot express the arts do.
During the past three weeks Palau’s elementary school students met daily, explored music and dance. They listened, moved, danced, experimented, made sounds, sang, had fun and learned about the world around them with all its facets.
The program’s holistic interdisciplinary approach focuses on raising awareness in developing each child’s artistic skills, social skills, creativity and expression promoting physical activity, a holistic and healthy lifestyle. It gives the opportunity for an artistic outlet and purpose in life through music, dance and art.
A huge Mesulang! goes to the NCD Prevention Unit, Ministry HRCTD and the Belau National Museum for their great support and cooperation. It’s wonderful that a creative and artistic program and education is being offered and established for kids and adults in Palau.
The special program sponsored by NCD will continue after the holidays in form of a weekly afterschool program with a new topic!
For more info and sign-ups please contact artist and teacher Ms. Benina on fb: musicdanceart or 775-5630.

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