By: L.N. Reklai

Attorney General had filed a charge of Negligent Homicide in the Second Degree against Leland Naruo for the death of Chinese tourist Hon Jun Fu, who died when the tour boat driven by Mr. Naruo ran unto the rock island in October 2, 2017.  Nineteen other people on the boat were injured including Mr. Naruo himself.

Mr. Naruo stated in an affidavit that he attempted to steer the boat away from the rock island but the steering did not respond well and his attempt to put boat to neutral came too late when the boat collided with the rock island.

According to the charging document, after the accident, the boat was inspected and was found to be in good working order.

Furthermore it showed that the boat was travelling at 3,800 rpm at the time of impact and that passengers and tour guides on the boat reported he was driving faster than usual.

Medical report for Ms. Hong Jun Fu showed that she had open skull fractures and multiple rib fractures as a result of the collision which led to her death.

Mr. Naruo is released on his own recognizance, after submitting his passport to the Court and signing waiver of extradition while awaiting trial. Conditions of his release also include not operating any boats, not committing any crimes and staying within jurisdiction of the court.