Palau Public Utilities Corporation lifted the nation-wide water rationing yesterday due to the increase of water levels in most of the water sources including Ngerimel and Ngerikiil.  They resumed the 24 hour water service schedule to most of Palau yesterday evening.

However, three locations still need to follow the set water hour schedule, Mongami, Aimeliik well as Ollei and Mengellang at Ngerchelong.

When asked about the three locations, Public Relations Officer Rhea Rengulbai said that the three specific locations have low water levels and still need to follow the water hour schedule.

Although the water rationing schedule has been lifted, the public is still advised to conserve water. Car washing, water blasting, and non-essential use of water is still prohibited until further notice.

PPUC will continue to monitor water levels throughout the duration of the dry season which is expected to end in May according to weather reports.