Ministry of Education cancelled this school year SY 2019-2020 by extending the classroom closure until the end of the school year on May 15, 2020.

Students will continue their online classes at home and all elementary school promotions and workshops are cancelled.

For the high school graduating class of 2020, they will arrange a later date for graduation and they will determine the beginning of SY 2020 and 2021.

Students this year were very caught off guard and they didn’t even know that their last day of school was literally their last day of school.

The most hurt and affected seem to be the graduating high school students of this year.

A student “Jane”, not her real name from Mindzenty High School, said “ it hits differently when we’re in school doing everything for the last time and having the adrenaline rush, counting down the days ‘till graduation. There’s no going back ever because of this.”

Along with the cancellation of school, some of these students are having a hard time learning at home and feel overwhelmed, with due dates and online class learning.

Another student “Christy”, also not her real name, from Palau High School said, “some of us have a hard time learning and babysitting our little siblings that can’t be at daycare anymore and MOE doesn’t understand that we all don’t get free time during the quarantine.”   They very much understand why they have to do this but it’s just too much too soon..

Many students feel the same about learning at home, some of them don’t even have the proper access to do work efficiently they say.

“They should suspend school work along with the school year altogether,” another student said.

The students this year feel a lot of pain and the actions taken about it is very well understood but it’s just too much. Everything they expected or thought they always knew was taken from them without them really knowing it.

These are several of the most commonly shared concerns and feelings among the students.