Palau is one step closer to its goal in food hygiene and safety as its first National Slaughterhouse finished installing the handling equipment last weekend on September 9, 2017.

A team of technicians from Taiwan arrived early last month to install the equipment of the Slaughterhouse.  It took them nearly two weeks to assemble and install the necessary equipment, including electric shock unit, hair removal unit, freezer chamber, and wastewater treatment unit, that can handle the livestock entering the Slaughterhouse with an efficient standardized procedure and provide the customers with hygienic and safe meat products.  

[restrict] The procedure is introduced to Palau by the Animal Production Project (APP), which is a Taiwan-Palau cooperation program under the Bureau of Agriculture aimed to better Palau’s livestock production and consumption.  With the coming establishment of new National Slaughterhouse, the customers in Palau will soon be able to enjoy their pork products with a peace of mind.

Further to the above-mentioned hardware construction, the software building is also underway.  To help preparing the future operation in the Slaughterhouse, APP is sending four new Bureau of Agriculture employees of the Slaughterhouse to Taiwan for a two-week hand-on training program starting September 14.  It is expected that after their return, the Slaughterhouse can, after a period of test run, officially open in November.  Also in the making is the “Palau National Pork Certification Standard”, which will safeguard the quality of pork production in Palau and is now going through regulation forming process administered by the Bureau of Agriculture.

Livestock production under APP is conducted by Taiwanese agricultural experts as one of the Taiwan-Palau bilateral cooperation projects to help improve Palau’s food security and self-sustainability.  In addition to APP, Taiwanese experts also operate Aquaculture Project (AP), which focuses on high value aquaculture farming, and Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM), which provides technical assistance in agricultural field. [/restrict]