ASAN, Guam – Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Marianas was named on Apr. 22 the winner in the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Shore Safety Award Program in the small industrial category for fiscal year 2016. [restrict]

NAVFAC Marianas Commanding Officer Capt. Stephanie Jones commended the entire command for significant contributions toward reducing mishaps, enabling mission readiness and protecting lives.

“Congratulations to every member of the team,” Jones said.  “This prestigious award reflects greatly on the command’s outstanding leadership and employees’ unyielding commitment to safety.  It takes the entire command’s effort and focus on building a strong culture of safety at every level to attain this level of safety success.”

NAVFAC Marianas is praised for enabling mission readiness of 30 military commands on Guam by imbedding safety as an essential component in all of the products and services.  In addition, safety was included in all on-duty and off-duty activities; shore infrastructure work processes; designs and acquisitions.

Fiscal year 2016 is highlighted by a number of major achievements in the Safety Program.  Among them, Jones noted a reduction in the mishap rate for ‘days away restricted and transferred’ (DART) by more than 60 percent from fiscal year 2013.  Also of significant note is a 50 percent reduction in the trend of slips, trips and falls, (ST&F) through greater communication, oversight and awareness at the Safety Leadership Board and Mishap Review Board, and mandatory training.  “Together our team established the Employee Safety Committee (ESC) to empower personnel and encourage accountability; to promote safety communication amongst personnel and supervisors; and to address and resolve safety issues at the lowest level.”

Annually, the CNO Shore Safety Awards Program recognizes outstanding support and achievement in safety and occupational health.

“In the midst of budget, personnel and resource challenges, operational risk management (ORM) and our Safety Program continues to advance, to meet challenges head on,” Jones said.  “I am confident that we will continue to do so during these critical times.”

NAVFAC Marianas employs approximately 520 civilian personnel, 23 military officers and 10 enlisted Seabees.  The command supports an area of operations that encompasses about 36,500 acres with more than 5,000 facilities.  Its average annual volume of sales is $500 million in Public Works and Facility Engineering and Construction products and services.  NAVFAC Marianas serves the region as the primary agency to support all Department of Defense construction, engineering, public works, facility, environmental and acquisition activities and requirements.      [restrict]