The first agriculture and aquaculture fair hosted by the National Development Bank (NDBP) on Feb. 3, attracted hundreds of people to visit and partake from over 20 booths and display showcasing the country’s local produce.


NDBP President Claire Harvey said that the event was so successful that another fair will be planned. Harvey said that Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism (MNRET) Umiich Sengebau was there to support the endeavor in promoting agriculture and aquaculture industry in Palau.

The fair attracted organizations, local businesses and vendors.  Participating in the fair and setting up booths  were the Bureau of Agriculture, Bureau of Marine Resource, Taiwan Technical Mission, Palau Community College, Koror State Government, SBDC, Biota.

Vendors included Ekei Women’s Organization, Palau Taiwan Farmers Association, Ngchesar Women, MJ Farm, Ngerdubech Corporation, PMA, Katie’s Healing Garden, and Shawarma to name a few.

Hundreds of people attended the event including students and tourists, Harvey said. Vendors were also happy to showcase their products and get support from the local population and tourists.

The fair gain more visitors and customers, as there were raffles and giveaways from the various agencies.

Many people also showed interest by talking to bank staff on site and farm loan broker also spoke to many people and got some leads for potential loans. [/restrict]