Taiwanese tourists being briefed before taking COVID-19 vaccine in Palau from the excess vaccine stocks that are set to expire in a few weeks.

About 1000 COVID-19 vaccine Pfizer will expire on September 3rd based on previous reports from the Ministry of Health. 

These were allocated to Palau as part of the US COVID-19 vaccination campaign that covered COFA affiliated countries.

With over 80% of Palau’s population vaccinated, 99% of adult population fully vaccinated, excess vaccines that are soon to expire are offered to tourists from Taiwan who wish to take advantage of the available vaccines. 

The number of Taiwanese tourists that took advantage of the Taiwan/Palau travel bubble have not been enough to use up the remaining vaccines before they are to expire.  Next flight arrives on September 4th which would be a day after the vaccines expiration date.

Previously, Palau was able to donate 1,000 COVID-19  vaccines that were nearing expiration dates to Yap State, FSM. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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