Everyone has a vested interest in everyone else’s children because everyone else’s children determine the next adult population that makes for a successful society.

Neglect actually destroy brain development.

When a child is neglected the brain architecture won’t develop as it should. We all need  responses from others just as children need responses from adults. Biologically our brain needs others to grow. Maturity is a social process. When we receive no response we get into a dangerous place of stress.  When our brain is bathed in stress hormones, our physical being become sick from high blood pressure, diabetes, to other mental health issues.

Robert Weiss Ph.D., LCSW, CSAT writes, “are you struggling in life? One of the saddest things I’ve experienced in nearly three decades as a psychotherapist is the client who’s been neglected who says, “I wish I’d been overtly abused—beaten, sexualized, berated, abandoned, whatever.” They say this because overt physical and sexual abuse is a lot easier to identify and reflect on than neglect.”

There is a stronger link between childhood trauma and addiction than there is between obesity and diabetes. John Bradshaw once said innone if his seminars, “I will never judge any obese child.” Two thirds of drug addicts report of being abused as children. Many were neglected as if invisible. That means that the war on drugs is a war on traumatized people that just need help.  And we can help each other by mirroring, teaching others, and help by walking with them to the cross of Christ for healing.

Ngmeringel a klengar er kid ar chad er Belau. Love is conditional. Ar chedil a kmal mechesang el.mengerker a toluk ma udoud ma techel chotungel ea rengelkir mar becherir a cheloit Al ngarngii a ududem el ngarngii  a deruchellem ea rechad a mesekau. Ea le borngii a chelsengum ete kong el chachisois.  Ea chomchebuul e kedi ngara kemril chosengir ar chad.  Seikid a uchul eng diak kuumerang el kmo a siukang is kindness.

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