The National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) is working on replacing the early warnings siren with a multi-hazard siren system throughout the country.

Waymine Towai, NEMO Executive Director said the new system can put residents on alert in cases of an emergency. 

He said emergency sirens will help the community be better prepared for emergencies and to alert residents who to check for safety advice. 

“We’re working on is a multi-hazard siren system throughout the entire country. The first siren system in Palau was a single siren system that was located in the downtown corridor on top of the Bureau of Public Safety. And that has long been obsolete. As the population starts to build towards the northern part of the country, we find ourselves really ensuring that communication has to happen redundantly, so everyone has access,” Towai said in an interview.

He said the multi-hazard warning system will be strategically located in  23 individual sites located throughout the country with the exception of the Southwest Islands.

Bit Towai also said NEMO will also have the traditional knowledge portion of alerting the public in emergencies in case the technology does not work.

He also assured the public that NEMO is working on improving communication in ties of emergency to better prepare the residents. 

 “There’s a lot of traditional knowledge that goes into how the ancestors used to kind of forewarn the villages…” Towai said. 

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